Meile v2 Appearing This Month

Meile dVPN v2.0

The long anticipated UI revamp of Meile (v2.0) is on the horizon. We are excited to announce the features that will be available within v2 along with some screenshots of what the user can expect the new UI to resemble. It has been a long hard road to get here, but with many commits under our belt we are ready to share what users can expect sometime in February 2024.

UI Revamp

Undertaking a revamp of the user interface is an arduous task with a lot of moving components and changes that have to be just right so the user can expect a good experience.

Meile dVPN v2 - Main Screen
Meile dVPN v2.0 – Main Screen

So far we have most of the commits in place to have Meile’s main screen resemble the picture above. Thanks to the work of Tkd-Alex who has managed to recreate the figma designs.

Meile dVPN v2 - Node screen
Meile dVPN v2 – Node screen

Tkd-Alex has also managed to recreate a similar design to the figma node screen as seen above. Finally we view the Wallet screen which may change depending on our implementation

Meile dVPN v2 - Wallet Screen
Meile dVPN v2 – Wallet Screen

We have currently in place in v1.8.0 the carousel that will be used to slide the map over to the node screen. The remaining parts still left to be done is to overlay the bandwidth widgets along with the node information widgets over the bottom of the map.

Subscription Plans

In Meile dVPN v2 we will be featuring subscription plans which can be purchased with various crypto currencies, including but not limited to:

Monero, BTC, BTC Lightning, Stable Coins, DASH, LTC, DOGE, and Pirate Chain.

We have our BTCPay server up and running and test invoices from the Meile backend have been successful for payments with BTC, BTC Lightning and Monero. A prototype of the subscription dialog interface can be seen below.

Meile dVPN - Subscription Plan Prototype
Meile dVPN – Subscription Plan Prototype

You will also be able to pay with IBC enabled coins via your wallet.

Meile Cache Server

Because Sentinel now has over 11,000 nodes, the direct blockchain query that we have been using in Meile causes a long delay to show most of the nodes. In many cases not all nodes are found in the direct query due to so many requests having to be sent by the client to find the nodes.

This is where the work on our Meile Cache Server comes in. We have set up a cache server many months ago that fuels our Metabase Analytics software. We have extended this using the Sentinel Python SDK that was developed by MathNodes, Nast0r and Tkd-Alex.

We use the SDK to query the nodes directly and feed it to a database that will provide an API endpoint for Meile to query directly on load for all online nodes. The query runs every 10 minutes and the API is updated every 12. This will give a shot in the arm to the load time and users can expect a load time when launching Meile to be under 15 seconds.


A lot of work has been poured into this release and we expect a final tested version to arrive within the coming weeks (no later than February 29th). We hope it will be received well as much time and effort has been spent getting it right.

The additions of the Meile Subscription Plans will be our second attempt at profit seeking within our whitelabel app. Right now our only profits come from the Meile FIAT Gateway, which will continue to exist in v2.

Subscription plans offer a wide array of possibilities for whitelabel developers, however there is a lot of maintenance surrounding subscription plans that go on in the background.

We are excited to share this post with the community in anticipation for Meile v2.0.0!