MEILE dVPN Client (Linux , OS X, Windows)


Meile is making decentralized VPN access even easier with the introduction of our FIAT gateway. Meile processes basic credit card information through Stripe, and upon a successful charge, the selected amount of DVPN (fuel) will be sent to your Meile Wallet. Privacy is preserved and no identifiable information is stored on our end, other than a Transaction ID and a Wallet address.


v1.4.3 (Heisenberg)

Note: When installing the DMG for OS X. Open the DMG and drag the Meile icon to your Desktop or the Applications folder. Then hold “control”+click to open the app. Apple will prompt for authorization to open an app downloaded from the web, press “Allow”

M1/M2 Build (1.5.1) – v2ray support

Intel Build (1.5.1) – v2ray support

ubuntu 20.04 builds

ubuntu 22.04 builds

may require extra dependencies
v1.4.1 (Heisenberg)
Meile 1.3.0 - Node Ratings

What’s New in 1.4.3:

šŸ›” Purchase up to 10,000 dvpn at once

šŸ›” Reduced Surcharges

šŸ›” Black & Yellow Theme

šŸ›” User Submitted Ratings After Disconnecting

šŸ›” Toast Messages for Reporting

šŸ›” Accurate Node City Locations

šŸ›” Windows Builds

UI/UX Design

Stylish and easy to use interface. Classic tab themed, with extra capabilities.


Fully loaded with a wallet displaying IBC tokens of DVPN, OSMO, SCRT, ATOM, DEC. You’ll always know what to pay with


Available for Linux and OS X and future plans to port Meile to Android, iOS, and Windows. The python core, with KVLang UI, is ultra portable and runs on every platform.

Super fast refreshing

DVPN node filtering

WIth Meile’s Latency refreshing capabilities, the user can decide to load more nodes (higher latency), or show only the super fast connection nodes (low latency). This enables users to view the mega list of nodes, or scale it down for ultra fast connections.





MathNodes Roadmap


Not all milestones are included in this roadmap, as some are left uncertain. Other active features will be added to the desktop app during these times too which are not seen in the infographic. Not mentioned is the Windows Desktop version, which we are in discussion with the team for development.