Sentinel Validator

We are a proud validator on the Sentinel Network within Cosmos. We became active on August 10th, and will be taking a snapshot of our delegators on November 10th. Early delegators can expect a HODL drop of Cosmos tokens. So delegate early and good things will come.

Validator Address:



BitSong Validator

On August 21st, 2022, we became an active validator on the BitSong Network with Cosmos. We look forward to becoming an active promoter of this chain within the Music industry in our local community. As with Sentinel, early delegations within the first 3 months should expect a HODL drop sometime next year. So delegate early and good things will come

Validator Address:



Remote Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

UptimeRobot monitoring with Discord webhooks. Telegram bot monitoring with Monit software. Netdata reporting so we are always aware of our servers status.

Backup Servers


We make use of redundant architecture. If one server goes down we can instantly spin up a second instance and restore the state. This ensures a minimum number of missed blocks, if any.



Hardened firewall rules, with advanced IDS in place; we will always know if our servers become targeted. We do our best to mitigate any DDoS attacks with advanced firewall rules and hosting providers that provide these services.

24/7 Monitoring Uptimes