Sentinel Resource Guide

Sentinel Privacy By MathNodes
Sentinel Privacy By MathNodes
Sentinel dVPN Resource Guide

A member from our community has put together a Sentinel Resource Guide which concentrates all the resources for the Sentinel Network into one central collective guide.

Here you will find links to the current dApps for the Sentinel Network. Also, is links to Validator web pages and Telegram channels. It is important to “know they validator”, because you need to make sure they are someone you can trust your money with in the case of slashing.

Links to the Sentinel Knowledge Base where users can find documentation on running nodes, rpcs, or validators, along with other documentation about the network. The Sentinel Resource Guide tells you where you can find block explorers, Cosmos/Sentinel Wallet’s to use for self-custody of your funds. Exchanges where you can purchase the tokens with FIAT or swap for other tokens, along with many extras.

We see this as an important resource for the Cosmos and Sentinel Community. So check it out: Sentinel Resource Guide

DVPN Node Guide

Sentinel dVPN Logo

Sergio has also written a guide on how to run your very own DVPN node on the Sentinel Network. This guide will get you bandwidth mining on Sentinel in ~10 minutes. It’s a comprehensive guide that contains all the instructions in setting up a dVPN node. DVPN Node Setup Guide