Privacy Tools for Common People

Privacy Tools

Let’s face it, big data and big government are spying on you whether you are doing something wrong or not. They are building personal profiles of every individual to be able to predict your behavior and ultimately will lead to a controlled state – even in the seemingly most democratic ones.

Privacy Tools concentrates applications, software, guides, and much more into a central resource so that people can better protect their data from the prying eyes of big data. The website has all the tools necessary for the world we live in to enable the users to take back their individuality and limit what entities learn about them.

Tools, such as BitWarden – a password manager that allows the user to safely and securely store their passwords – and not in Google software. Session , a leading privacy messaging application that utilizes the Oxen blockchain and the Lokinet onion routing. If none of that makes any sense to you, know that Session is the most private messaging/chat application that currently exists.

Privacy Tools also has resources on VPNs, dVPNs (Such as Sentinel), Android OS alternatives – to keep Google out of your life. A major theme we see arising is the phrase “degoogle”. People don’t want Google to store limitless information about them that will share that data with third parties such as advertisers and governments (even without warrants).

If you seek an understanding of privacy related applications, look no further; Privacy Tools is the all-in-one resource you’ll need.

There is also a nice blog post on Privacy Tools about how to use the Sentinel dVPN dApps and resources for the average user. This was put together by a community member and is an invaluable resource for getting started in the Sentinel dVPN network.

Sentinel Privacy Tools Blog Post