Monero Bounties for Code Contributions

Monero Bounties for Code Contributions

MathNodes is a small team of programmers, mathematicians, system administrators, and paid help aimed at delivering quality applications and systems designed around blockchain technology. Because our resources are limited we have decided to a roll out a new program to crowdsource development in our community.

Staring 10 July 2023, MathNodes will be posting bounties for pull requests to our code base. The bounties will be paid in Monero or Pirate Chain, whichever the user chooses. The bounties will range from 0.1 XMR to 3 XMR depending on the amount of work required.

The bounty amounts and specifics can be found on the issues section within our GitHub repositories ( and also in the bounties channel within our discord server (MathNodes Discord) aimed at listing all bounties and their completion status.

All bounties will be paid after receiving a pull request to the respective project and only after examination and final testing by our team of developers that are responsible for the project. Most projects are written in python with some exceptions for Golang and Rust.

The first bounty is for 0.25 XMR; is a good first issue and can be accomplished by a novice python programmer. It aims at reducing the amount of queries to our API servers for a particular data value. It would be more efficient if we didn’t query each time and only sent a query request for the respective data value when the table does not contain the information. The first of our many bounties to come can be found here:

First MathNodes Monero Bounties

Continually check our bounties channel in our Discord server to find out the latest bounties offered by MathNodes.

We hope this will bring more developers to work alongside us and with us to develop strong applications and utilities for Sentinel and other blockchain networks!

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