In our continued efforts to create an accessible internet for citizens in Iran (and other countries), we would like to provide details on how to use our v2ray servers in Telegram and on Android. The more functionality we provide these users, the more censorship can be resisted.

Please follow the steps in the previous post about how to get started using v2ray as the same method applies within this post. Soon we will be able to provide a client which allows users to pay for our services to access an open internet. We are working on integrating v2ray in our Meile suite and hope to have something ready by the end of the year. Check back to MathNodes for future updates and progress reports.


Once you have set up your v2ray client in your terminal or command prompt, getting it work with Telegram is as straightforward as configuring your browser as shown in the previous post.

First open Settings and navigate to Advanced and click on Connection Type

Click on Custom Proxy and enter in the proxy details just as you did the browser

If all went successful Telegram will let you know you are connected to the proxy


Download Termux:

Enable Storage Permission for termux:

Open termux and run the following:

pkg install wget openssl 

Press enter when prompted

Get and install v2ray:

mkdir v2ray && cd v2ray && wget && unzip

Get the v2ray config


Edit client_ukraine.json with your parameters:

nano client_ukraine.json

And edit these lines with your setup

"listen": "", // Edit with your computer's IP address
"address": "", // Address of your V2Ray server. May be IP or domain address.

The listen section can be found by running


Set the address to one of the following:

Then run v2ray:

./v2ray --config=client_ukraine.json

Finally, to ensure this runs in the background as long as your phone is charged, set the “Acquire Wakelock” for termux:

Set your proxy settings in your browser or Telegram to that of the client.json file as shown below (Telegram):

We wish the citizens of Iran all the best. Please feel free to join us in our Telegram Channel ( or our Discord Channel ( and chat with us on how we can help you or improve our services.

Meile is our dVPN client for Linux & OS X and we will be rolling out releases through the rest of the year. We expect to have v2ray integration before the turn of the new year which will be a paid service (don’t worry, we are inexpensive), and will be hosted on the Sentinel blockchain. Look for us in our Telegram or our Discord servers and come chat with us. We would love to hear what you have to say!